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We are pleased to announce that we are now offering "Fertility Check-Ups!" Are you, or someone you know, in your late 20s or older? You've finished school and nailed that great career. Or, you're recently married and just aren't ready for kids yet? What if you haven't met Mr. Right? Let our Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, Autumn Galbraith, give you your fertility score so you'll have a better idea if it's safe to wait to have those kids you've always dreamed about and to discuss what options you have.

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Our Fertility Checkup was also recently featured in Cityview Magazine. (Adobe Flash Required)

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Please see our dedicated Tubal Reversal website at for even more details, photos, and other 'fun stuff'.

Kelly, I just wanted to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me. [We] have wanted a baby for 5 years, and its amazing to see the compassion and understanding you guys have put into that. I am and will be forever grateful for Dr.Keenan and his staff. As soon as you met me for the first time you showed nothing but compassion and understanding to me. I am excited to continue to work with you guys and hopefully have a great outcome to the situation. I pray God blesses you with all of your heart's desires and wants. You have made a very stressful situation turn into a exciting and happy experience. It will be my pleasure to continue to work with such an understanding person as you. God bless you and guide you always. S.R.
~ S.R.